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About FlagTrax

Introducing FlagTrax®

FlagTrax® is a unique, USA SGIA award winning, hassle free way to install Street Flags from ground level. 

FlagTrax® was invented by experts in the flag industry. They identified a need for a system that enables a single unqualified person to raise or lower Street Flags from the safety of ground level in a matter of seconds.

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The Result:

A beautiful street flag display that can be changed in no time at all, making it easier, quicker and more cost effective to run a wider and more frequent range of decorative, promotional, event or seasonal displays. 

No more bucket trucks, traffic management plans or health and safety issues. 

FlagTrax® is easy to use

  • FlagTrax® allows anyone to raise and lower street flags from ground level in seconds.
  • No more bucket trucks, qualified technicians, traffic management plans or health & safety compliance.
  • FlagTrax® can fit your current existing poles, lampposts, light stands and walls
  • FlagTrax is available in several sizes or can be configured to meet your requirements.
  • Incorporates a tamper-proof lock and key mechanism for security.

FlagTrax® saves money

  • FlagTrax® offer a rapid return on investment, often less than a year. The initial cost of FlagTrax® and its installation is quickly recovered by the on-going savings made in flag installation. See our ROI Calculator to see how much you can save.
  • FlagTrax® save time on planning and allows for rapid deployment of street flags.

The FlagTrax® Range

FlagTrax® can easily be fitted to existing structures including lampposts, light poles and walls or is available as a free-standing flagpole display.

We are committed to providing the highest level of support and service to our customers.