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Our Process

We engage with our clients, developing a comprehensive understanding of their needs and delivering solutions that will combine optimum decoration, communication and promotion, with long term operational savings well into the future.

The vast majority of our systems are installed on existing light poles and infrastructure.   As a result, we have built up an extensive knowledge base of pole hardware allowing us to quickly and easily assess your needs and make suitable recommendations.  

As an example, one of our recently completed projects was a significant installation for Wellington City Council.  They chose to replace all their existing standard street flag brackets with FlagTrax®.

We worked with them through the five key phases delivering a fully functioning FlagTrax®  street flag solution adapted to suit over 15 different pole configurations.  The result is an outstanding success and is providing Wellington City Council with considerably enhanced display opportunities, combined with significant and ongoing cost savings.  We also delivered the Council a comprehensive report providing site locations, bracket and flag handing to allow them to optimise their ongoing brand and communication campaigns.  

To help you understand what is required to adopt FlagTrax® as your street flag solution please see the overview below outlining the key stages of the process.

Stage 1 – Initial Assessment

This stage is where we take the time to fully understand how you currently manage your network, the infrastructure you have in place and the types of light or street poles you have.  We will then determine how your existing network is utilised, what your current costs are, how often you change your flags and the processes involved.   

We are experts in the integration of FlagTrax® into urban environments and consistently deliver a high level of service.

Whether it’s just a small number of FlagTrax®  for a carpark or a full city wide installation, we meet with you, evaluate your needs and work with all  stakeholders to ensure a quick and seamless installation.

We also offer a FREE assessment of your street flag requirements which includes suggestions on ways that we can improve your street flag communications as well as significantly lowering your operational costs. 

The FREE assessment will cover:  

FlagTrax® is designed for a wide range of applications. These include mounting to lighting columns, round or octagonal steel or concrete poles, wooden lampposts etc., as well as mounting to suitable walls, stand-alone fixed poles etc.

By far the most common use for FlagTrax® is fixed to lighting columns lining major roads and arterial routes.

To help with this process, especially with large or complex projects, we recommend mapping your sites electronically with GPS positioning. This will enable you to get a feel for your street flag network identifying traffic flows, promotional coverage and helping with future site management.

We use specialised mapping software to deliver this and will be happy to demonstrate this process to you.

FlagTrax® is available in several different standard sizes and configurations, or can be custom configured to suit specific requirements. Customised FlagTrax® products can be configured to suit less common lamppost or pole types, and for other special applications. Where possible, it is preferable to use standard designs and components to minimise the need for alterations, to retain the performance of FlagTrax® products and to minimise costs.

Before we can provide a comprehensive quote we require some key information to enable us to determine the most suitable FlagTrax® for your requirements.  It often helps if photographs of the site are available, and of the poles or lighting columns, including engineering specifications if possible.

Through all stages of the assessment we will be in constant communication with your team to ensure all you requirements and expectations are met.

Stage 2 – Quoting

Set pricing applies to standard products, but nonstandard products will need to be quoted separately. Based on the initial assessment, we will have everything we need to quote for your project. Prices are typically for the product only, supplied and delivered per your requirements.

Typically, we do not arrange installation of our products and a separate quote for the installation work will be required.  We are happy to work with contractors however, to ensure a smooth completion of your project.

You will be presented with a comprehensive quote for your consideration. Our quote will include all aspects of the project that we have mutually agreed to.  This will include product specifications and lead-times.

Stage 3 – Manufacturing

After the initial assessment and your acceptance of our quote, the job enters our production phase.

FlagTrax® is made to order using standard or custom specifications to meet your requirements. Raw materials are ordered, fabricated and packed ready for delivery.   It usually takes between 4 – 6 weeks to manufacture and supply an order (excluding delivery times).

A FlagTrax® order will typically include (depending on the specification) the FlagTrax® Track, a horizontal Support Arm Bracket and if necessary additional pole clamps or brackets, plus detailed installation instructions.

Stage 4 – Installation

FlagTrax® installation must be carried out by an approved installer with the appropriate knowledge, skills and tools to complete the work to an appropriate standard.

To install the FlagTrax® System a small amount of pre installation fabrication and assembly work will be necessary.  If required, we can provide additional advice or information to installers to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out a rapid, economical and effective installation.

Situations will vary, but installers will typically be required to supply the necessary installation equipment such as cherry pickers, labour and small hardware items such as nuts and bolts, stainless steel strapping etc. They may also need to apply for and obtain a traffic management plan to meet the local authority’s requirements.

Nexus Australasia has experience working with leading installers throughout the country and will ensure a seamless end to end project solution.

Stage 5 - Final Sign off hand over

CONTACT US To learn more about this AND to see FlagTrax® in action.