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Product Warranty

FlagTrax® Flag, Banner and LED Lighting Display Systems incorporate patented PushPull technology developed and owned by Nexus Developments Limited, New Zealand.  Souness Developments Limited (‘SDL”), trading as Nexus Australasia, is licensed by Nexus Developments Limited to manufacture and distribute FlagTrax®  and other products incorporating this technology throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. 

The above systems consist primarily of a powder coated aluminium track in which a sliding ‘PushPull’ Rod is used to raise and lower display items. The track is warranted for five (5) years. ‘PushPull’ rods are manufactured from semi flexible plastics that, when installed correctly in the tracks, are resistant to the effects of sun exposure and weathering, and are warranted for one (1) year.   Support Arm Brackets are required for use with some systems, are manufactured from hot dip galvanized steel, and are warranted for five (5) years.

LED light inserts are supplied with a (3) year return to base warranty. Any item’s found to be defective within this period must be returned to us for warranty replacement or repair.

  1. Warranties apply from the date of  SDL’s invoice against defects in material and workmanship subject to being  installed and used according to SDL’s installation instructions and usage instructions, and when used to support flags, banners and/or LED lights appropriate to the system type and the site, and when manufactured strictly in accordance with SDL’s specifications by SDL’s licensed manufacturers/distributors.
  2. Wind forces on flags and banners are transferred to the track and its components, as well as to the structures to which the track is attached (brackets, poles, lampposts and walls). High wind tests involving 1.8m x 0.9m flags have been successfully conducted, but all flags and banners (especially if larger than 1.8m x 0.9m) should be removed in advance of severe weather. (See note 2)
  3. This warranty specifically does not include product damage due to weather conditions rated in excess of 10 on the National Weather Service Beaufort Scale (wind speeds exceeding approximately 63mph /100kph).
  4. SDL encourages customers to remove flags from poles when a known storm exceeding 10 on the Beaufort scale is expected.
  5. All track and bracket systems must be inspected 30 days after their initial installation and every 90 days thereafter, making any necessary adjustments immediately.
  6. PushPull Rods are critical to the correct performance of the systems and must be stored and used in strict accordance with SDL‘s instructions to ensure trouble free service and longevity. If damaged they must be repaired or replaced immediately.
  7. Warranties do not apply where equipment is used, or installation performed, in any manner contrary to SDL’s specifications and instructions, nor where equipment is altered or modified.
  8. In the event of a potential breach of product warranty SDL is to be informed immediately the issue is identified, and if proven to be a breach, SDL will replace or repair (or pay for the repair of) such products, at the option of SDL.
  9. Warranties do not cover installation, removal, packing, freight or other incidental costs incurred by customer.
  10. Only flags, banners and other objects authorised by SDL and sourced from manufacturers licensed by SDL are to be used on FlagTrax® and other products incorporating patented PushPull technology.  Hardware incorporated in the manufacture of the display items (including but not limited street flags, flags, banners, lighting) such as special or proprietary fittings, components, webbings) must never be reused in the manufacture of new flags. Failure to comply will compromise safety, intellectual property law and will void any warranties.
Note 1:

The supply, installation, usage and maintenance of FlagTrax® and other Systems incorporating ‘PushPull’ technology typically involve a number of entities supplying one or more of the following products or services: 

  1. Supply of track system/support arm bracket
  2. Installation of track/bracket
  3. Installation/wiring for lighting (where optional LED lighting is supplied)
  4. Supply of LED lighting inserts
  5. Raising and lowering of lighting
  6. Supply of flags/banners
  7. Raising and lowering of flags/banners
  8. Maintenance

SDL’s role and warranty relates to a) only, and because of the numerous variables involved in the siting, supporting, installation, fixing and use of these systems, purchasers/installers/users must satisfy themselves of the suitability of all aspects of the system, installation and application and maintenance.

Note 2:

FlagTrax® systems fitted with 1.8m x 0.95, single layer 130gsm knitted polyester fabric street flags have been tested and proven at hundreds of different sites throughout New Zealand over a period of several years.

New Zealand is an extremely windy country, and its capital, Wellington (where over 400 FlagTrax® systems are in operation) is recognised as the windiest city in the world with average annual wind speed of around 29kph. Wind speeds regularly exceed 100kph and gusts in excess of 200kph having been recorded.

This environment is particularly harsh on a wide range of structures and fittings including flags, and while performing well in harsh conditions the rapid flag raising and lowering benefits provided by FlagTrax® should be fully utilised to avoid storm damage.  SDL recommends that to extend the life of both flags and the system, flags should be taken down in advance of extreme weather events in which wind speeds are predicted to exceed 10 on the National Weather Service Beaufort Scale. (This threshold commonly adopted by the international industry for flag and banner support systems).

Flags larger than 1.8m x 0.9m will capture more wind force and subject to siting, may need lowering at a lower threshold.

In winds exceeding the threshold excessive flag wear may be experienced, especially at very exposed sites. Damage may also occur to FlagTrax® but is usually minor, being limited to PushPull Rods which bear the full wind force. Inexpensive replacement PushPull Rods are readily available, and can easily be fitted from ground level in a matter of seconds by untrained personnel.