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Transform Your City With Street Flags

With an average change out time of 90 seconds per flag, The FlagTrax® Street Flag System is a cost effective, engaging outdoor tool that can transform your city or town in record time.

Bold and Bright, FlagTrax® Street Flags are perfect for:

  • Decoration
  • Cultural and sporting events
  • Seasonal, celebration and holiday displays
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Retail Events of public interest
  • Tourism, national and civic events
  • Charities and Not for Profits
  • Advertising (through a commercial model)

The effectiveness of FlagTrax® Street Flags are unmatched to anything else:

  • Street Flags offer high visibility exposure throughout key locations.
  • Street Flags in highly visual locations mean that whether people are walking, cycling or driving you can’t help seeing one of the flags on any given day.
  • The unique design of the FlagTrax® system allows presence of flags in hard to reach and iconic locations, such as on bridges and streets where bucket tracks cannot go.
  • FlagTrax® Street Flag system allows a rapid and cost effective change out of street side images, keeping your city looking bold, fresh and new! This counteracts the worldwide issue of ‘wallpaper’ – a term used when public displays have been in existence for a (surprisingly short) period of time, and become ‘invisible’ to a large proportion of people.

The proven benefits of Street Flags

In June 2010 City Of Sydney* commissioned research into the effectiveness of Street Flag advertising in Sydney’s CBD.

The report found the following:

  • Street Flags are hard to miss & attractive
  • People do not find Street Flags as an intrusive form of advertising
  • Street Flags bring life into the City
  • People research and attend events as a result of seeing the Street Flags
  • Street Flags add to the Streetscape and brightens up the City’s buildings
  • Street Flags create a sense of community
  • Street Flags all over the City give an event a sense of importance
  • Street Flags generate Awareness & Excitement in Events

*Report results courtesy of City of Sydney, 2015

We continue working with our clients seeking feedback to better understand ongoing market needs to ensure our products remain second to none.